My 3rd Stay

Said the patient to the ward nurse, “May I have iced water please?
Said the nurse to the patient, “It’s the first time anyone has asked me for iced water!”
Said the patient to the nurse, “And you might want to remove the hot water flask 🙂 I won’t be using it so there’s no need to keep changing the content daily.”

Said the patient to the anaesthetist, “My pain threshold is very high, how about I stay conscious and watch the surgery?”
Said the anaesthetist to the patient, “That would be stressful for the surgeon! No one has wanted this, it’s the first time I’m hearing such a request.“
Said the patient to the anaethetist, “I prefer to know what’s being done to me.”

It’s a journalistic instinct that dates back to my childhood.
Come vaccination time, the nurses that make their school rounds tell every pupil, “Look away.”
My reply to the amused or unnerved nurses as I stare intently each time, “I prefer to see.”

Have I become a legend at Singapore General Hospital? 🙂
This is my third stay here since I received emergency treatment here for Massive Pulmonary Embolism last February. And this time it takes me to the Obstetrics & Gynaecology ward.

It’s just hours to my morning surgery which looks likely to be done under General Anesthesia, or perhaps it’ll be changed to a localised application if my earlier request is moderated 

As I sit in my comfortable room, God’s love washes over me in waves and my entire being is enfolded in His Embrace. I’m soaking in worship of my Good God, the Trustworthy One. Oh, how I love Him! He gives me a constant song of joy in Him and a core of deep peace that surpasses understanding. What a priceless treasure that can be possessed by every Christian – an absence of fear and worry as we root ourselves in the Rock of All Ages!

Background to the Operation

During the comprehensive range of scans done when I was first hospitalised nearly a year ago, the doctors found multiple fibroids and polyps enlarging my womb. The combined size was the equivalent of an 18-week pregnancy even though there was no obvious swelling of the tummy from the outside. Apparently there is a possibility that this added pressure to nerves/vessels and could have triggered blood clots – speculative, as till today there’s no definite known cause for my Pulmonary Embolism. A risk factor worth considering, according to my doctors. Added to that was of course the high volume of monthly blood loss due to the combination of fibroids and the anti-coagulant that I’m on which could mean a resumption of anaemia and potential need for fresh blood transfusions.

Solution: Open surgery operation, a swift procedure to reduce the possibility of fresh clots.
I’ve been waiting on God for some months and feel comfortable going ahead with this before I start my Year of Jubilee (Liberty!) with my birthday in February 2014.


My 50th year of life – a special season that started with Time Alone/Away With Him at a beautiful seaside resort where standing in the crashing waves never fail to connect me to God’s wider Creation. Trikora Beach Club on the Indonesian island of Bintan – I’ll be writing a whole blog post about that. It’s a God-given place of seclusion that I plan to return to several times this year alone.

Creator God – the LORD (the Father of Jesus Christ) said to the seas, “Thus far shall you come and no farther; and here shall your proud waves be stayed.” – Job 38:11


Creation Calls – Brian Doerksen


Back to SGH 🙂
God’s favour was evident from the start of my stay. I’d requested the more spacious corner room that’s similar to the one I was blessed with last February. There was a patient staying here the day before I was admitted, but her doctor discharged her hours before my reporting time.

Ward 53. Room 1. 1st patient on the Friday morning operation list. 8.30am.
Before I came in, the excellent senior physiotherapist Tang Shufen who’d helped me build up stamina and strength had messaged, “I hope you get the first slot so there’ll be no long waiting time.”
Cherished by Father God – that’s how I felt.

2014-01-16 15.42.33

2014-01-16 16.01.57

Compression Stockings to prevent blood clots during the operation. I had to stop taking my anti-coagulant the day before so this was a physical precaution.
2014-01-16 22.20.02

May this procedure pave the way for my going off blood thinning medicine for the prevention of blood clots – something my haematologist had suggested might have to be a lifelong measure. “If you want to stop taking anti-coagulant, I’d feel more comfortable if you had the op.”

God has blessed me with dual individual and company health insurance plans that allow me a single room in a private or restructured hospital. But with the excellent level of care I’ve encountered at different units of SGH and its affiliated National Heart Centre, the choice was easy.

I took a night walk around SGH as it’d be a while before I can move around at a fast pace so freely. What a beautiful time of communion and intercession as the joy of the Lord bubbled deep within me. “Who is like unto You, oh our LORD? No one else is worthy of our praise and worship!”

Psalm 134
“Behold, bless (affectionately and gratefully praise) the Lord,
all you servants of the Lord, [singers] who by night stand in the house of the Lord.
Lift up your hands in holiness and to the sanctuary and bless the Lord
[affectionately and gratefully praise Him]!
The Lord bless you out of Zion, even He Who made heaven and earth.”


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